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Artık daha çok Türkçe konuştuğum ve biraz daha ben olan bir köşem daha var...
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      By Samuel Silva
      High-res vianaarts.deviantart.com

      By Samuel Silva

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      High-res city-of-vultures
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      High-res drawgabbydraw
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“Acrobaties” by Sandrine Merrien on Flickr.
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      Sea (1971) by Eduard Tomek

      Sea (1971) by Eduard Tomek

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      cosascool Photoset " 4 "

      Hyper-Realistic Painting by Omar Ortiz

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      High-res leonseeker
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      Photoset " 2 "

      Using merely a needle, thread and a canvas, artist Daniel Kornrumph embroiders portraits of people.

      Check out more of his works at http://danielkornrumpf.com/!

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      emptykingdom.com Photoset " 3 "

      Artist Yorgos Papakarmezis hails from Giannitsa, Greece. Mr. Papakarmezis creates abstract mixed media pieces that explores the human form, and how time and space leaves lasting images imprinted within our minds. He incorporates many textures and gestural marks, creating a frenzy of energy and color in his works, as he presents concepts, such as fertility, the wear of communication in a sexual relationship, existential searches of the subconscious, the mental world and imagination, human emotions, fears, obsessions, neurosis, and despair.

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      (by Graham Franciose)

      (by Graham Franciose)

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